Buckskin Girl
Age 18-35 (estimate)
Existence Real
Status Dead
Cause of Death Strangled to Death
Occupation Unknown
Appearances Buckskin Girl | Chilling Crimes 1x07 | Joe Winko
Buckskin Girl is a young woman who was murdered and found dead in April 1981, in Troy, Ohio, 50 miles north of The Ohio River. She was given the name 'Buckskin Girl' because of the unique deerskin jacket/poncho she was found wearing. In 2016, she is talked about by Joe Winko in an episode of Chilling Crimes. To this day her real name or identify still has yet to be known.  
Buckskin Girl - Chilling Crimes 1x07 - Joe Winko06:46

Buckskin Girl - Chilling Crimes 1x07 - Joe Winko

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