Age 13 (at time of his death)
Existence Fictional Character
Status Dead
Cause of Death skull fracture from dodge-ball incident
Friends Ed Eddy Joe
Enemies Kevin
Occupation student
Appearances The Real Truth Behind Ed Edd n Eddy (Extended Version)

Ed Edd Eddy 'Lost Episode' Story

Double-D is one of the spirits who were condemned into the purgatory Cul-de-sac. He was 13 years old at the time of his death and he died in year 1985.

Life & Death

Double-D was the only child of two highly controlling professionals who dominated his life, but where constantly absent from it. Described as a curious, shy, and 'meek figure, Double-D was very intelligent. He also preferred not to be involved in sports or any other physical activity. In the fall of 1985, Double-D was severely injured during a game of dodge-ball game in gym class. He suffered a severe skull fracture and died in the hospital of his injuries days later. In the after-life he wears a hat to conceal his horrific scar from his death. Forever, his spirit was traumatized by the nature of his death, and he never forgot about his fear of dodge-ball. Double-D still continues to follow the written orders of his parents long after his death.

The Real Truth Behind Ed Edd n Eddy (Extended Version)16:00

The Real Truth Behind Ed Edd n Eddy (Extended Version)

Lost Episode of Ed, Edd, n Eddy

Double-D appears in the lost episode of Ed, Edd, n Eddy. He is seen trapped in Eddy's bedroom alone while desperately trying to escape. Double-D then faints in Eddy's bedroom and is seen laying on the floor unconscious at the ending.

Ed Edd Eddy 'Lost Episode' Story09:46

Ed Edd Eddy 'Lost Episode' Story


  • Double-D's cause of death was accidental (just like Eddy).
  • Joe and Double-D are friends with each other in the Cul-de-sac purgatory.
  • Double-D is also mentioned in numerous episodes of Joe Winko Talk.
  • Double-D died 27 years before Joe did.
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