Joe Winko's Biological Father
Age 21 (at the time of his death)
Existence Real
Status Dead
Cause of Death Beaten to death by other inmates
Family Joe Winko

Crystal Winko

Enemies Joe Winko

Crystal Winko

Occupation Unknown
Appearances Sleep Paralysis | Joe Winko Talk **Mentioned by Joe Winko only***

Reasons Why I've Always Thought Of Death A Lot | Joe Winko Talk **Mentioned by Joe Winko only***

Joe Winko's Biological Father was the biological father of Joe Winko and his twin brother, Crystal Winko. He went to prison in 1996 for murdering Crystal Winko and attempting to murder Joe Winko while they were both infants. He later died in prison in 1998, yet his spirit continues to haunt Joe Winko through terrifying visions and sleep paralysis. He is also hated by Joe Winko and is not missed at all.

Joe Winko Talk Edit

Joe Winko's biological father is first mentioned by Joe Winko in an early 2016 episode of Joe Winko Talk. Joe Winko claims that since he was 10 years old back in year 2006, he had been expirencing nightmares and sleep paralsys of visions of his biological father in a orange prision jumpsuit covered with blood.

Back in 2006, Joe Winko knew nothing about his biological father or what became of him, until after his adoptive parents explained who his biological father was in 2007 AFTER the visions started.

Joe Winko believes that the tall figure he sees during his sleep paralysis occurrences really is the ghost of his biological father. Joe Winko also explains that he hates his biological father for murdering his twin brother back in 1996.

Sleep Paralysis - Joe Winko Talk

Sleep Paralysis - Joe Winko Talk

The Joe Winko Talk episode where Joe Winko's biological father is first mentioned.

The Birth of Joe Winko & Crystal Winko Edit

Joe Winko and his twin brother, Crystal Winko were born on December 5th, 1995. Two weeks after Joe Winko and Crystal were born, Joe Winko's biological mother died of drug complications. She was 14 years old at the time of her death. Custody of Joe Winko and Crystal Winko was then granted to Joe Winko's Biological Father in 1996.

The Attempted Murder of Joe Winko and The Murder of Crystal Winko Edit

In early 1996, Joe Winko's Biological Father tried drowning Joe Winko and Crystal Winko in a sink. Joe Winko survived, but Crystal Winko died. Joe Winko's biological father was then arrested in 1996 and was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Crystal Winko. He was later killed in prison by inmates in 1998. He was 21 years old at the time of his death.

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