Pioneer Park Middle School
Pioneer Park Middle School in Joe Winko's 2015 Sims 2 Slasher Movie "Friday the 13th Part 2"
Type Middle School
Existence Real
Location Wisconsin
Status Open
Appears In The Nightmare Man - Sims 2 Horror Movie (2010) **REMAKE & ORIGINAL**

Clown at Midnight - Sims 2 Horror Movie (2010)

Middle School Confessions - Joe Winko Talk **Mentioned by Joe Winko only***

House Party Girl - Joe Winko Talk **Mentioned by Joe Winko only***

Friday the 13th Part 2 - Sims 2 Horror Movie (2015)

Pioneer Park Middle School is the middle school Joe Winko attended during the years of 2007 (prior to his departure to the Dominican Republic) and 2010 (after his return to Wisconsin from the Dominican Republic). The school really is real and it's also featured as a location in many of Joe Winko's Horror Films. Middle school was described by Joe Winko as a harsh and awful time, due to the fact that Joe Winko had no friends. The reason why he didn't is because he suffered from depression during his middle school years. Because of this, Joe Winko was put on extremely potent anti-depressants which caused major side effects in his mood and caused him to act unnaturally ecstatic when he was around his classmates/peers. This caused him to be extremely unpopular to everyone at Pioneer Park Middle School (including teachers, staff, and students) although, this is never actually seen in any of Joe Winko's horror films as his character in them always acts normal.

Known Inhabitants

Pioneer Park Middle School is inhabited by many real people and characters of Joe Winko's Horror films. Unfortunately, the majority of them are enemies and none of them are friends with Joe Winko or Johanna. Sadly for them, the majority of the fictional characters of Joe Winko's Horror Films who attend Pioneer Park Middle School have met grisly but well deserved demises. For example in Joe Winko's 2010 Sims 2 slasher film, Clown at Midnight, six of Joe Winko's classmates from Pioneer Park Middle school got trapped inside an abandoned carnival in the forest late one night along with Joe Winko. That same night each one of them where hunted down and murdered by a killer clown on the loose, leaving Joe Winko as the lone survivor. In Joe Winko's 2015 Sims 2 Slasher Film Friday the 13th Part 2, the graduating 8th grade class of Pioneer Park Middle School all go camping at Camp Crystal lake for an end of the year field trip. That same night night, on friday the 13th, they are all bruttally murdered one by one by Jason Voorheese. Johanna, a student at Pioneer Park, was the only survivor left at the end.

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