Tammy Jo Alexander
Age 16 (at time of her death)
Existence Real
Status Dead
Cause of Death Shot to death (Murdered)
Occupation Waitress at Truck-stop in Florida
Appearances Chilling Crimes - Tammy Jo Alexander

Caledonia Jane Doe / Tammy Jo Alexander - Joe Winko Talk

Tammy Jo Alexander a.k.a Caledonia Jane Doe or Cali Doe, was a young girl who was shot to death and murdered in a cornfield in upstate New York in year 1979. When her body was first found, no one knew who she was and she was given the name Caledonia Jane Doe. In winter of 2004, Joe Winko came across her story while browsing the internet for real-life crimes to get inspiration for his horror stories and horror videos. Her case saddened Joe Winko as he was deeply disturbed at the fact that a young girl could be murdered and no one knew who she was. More than a decade later (January 2015) Caledonia Jane Doe was identified as Tammy Jo Alexander. Tammy was young girl who came from a turbulent household. She had ran away from her home state, Florida, in the fall of 1979. The reason why she ran away is because her mother was hostile and addicted to prescription medication. Tammy would often run away to escape from her turbulent household. Joe Winko found her story absolutely tragic and decided to memorialize her in two of his videos on YouTube (Chilling Crimes & Joe Winko Talk). Her story also inspired Joe Winko to create his activism channel John Doe Appeals in year 2015 to help identified unidentified deceased males, since one channel on YouTube aimed for identifying unidentified females already existed. A song by the Spice Girls, Viva Forever from 1997, was played as a homage to Tammy Jo Alexander in the end of the episode of Joe Winko Talk about her case and also in the end credits of Chilling Crimes. The song was used because it made Joe Winko think of Tammy Jo Alexander even though the song was released long after her death.

A Tumblr post by Joe Winko about Tammy Jo Alexander.

Tammy Jo Alexander - Joe Winko Talk18:38

Tammy Jo Alexander - Joe Winko Talk

Tammy Jo Alexander Caledonia Jane Doe - Chilling Crimes 1x02 - Joe Winko12:27

Tammy Jo Alexander Caledonia Jane Doe - Chilling Crimes 1x02 - Joe Winko

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